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Thread: need escorts for new webcam business

  1. Default need escorts for new webcam business

    Hi i need to find escorts who are willing to model for a new webcam the monet escort will be payed 20 euro an hour for just chatting on a webcam to the escort charges and conducts her escort business is her not pimping or making any profits from theescorts only business will be from a webcam website that the escorts will advertise their services from.So not only will escorts get their own profile page to advertise their services they will also get paid 20 euro for every hour they are chatting to someone.If escorts are interested then pm me and we can discuss things further

  2. Default might like to try it

    I would like more details,
    What do you expect me to do?

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    Be wary of muria slickdaddy, there is something suspect about her (him?) ................ was talking in the chat room with muria and I got a "vice squad" kind of feeling. Be warned lads!!


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