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Thread: rugby world cup ?

  1. Default rugby world cup ?

    goin next week any1 know of any good places or info on de scene in paris

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    Thumbs down Fuck Paris!!

    I recommend you stay well clear of the red light district in Paris, it's located on the same street as the Moulin Rouge and it is designed purely to relieve tourists of their cash and/or credit cards with threats of violence.
    I have punted in most of the world's major cities and I will never return to the "city of love" looking for an escort ever again ............ the scene in Paris is non-existent to anyone but the French. Heed my advice or pay the price, you have been warned!!


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    Default I concur paws

    The scene in paris is shite. If you go down the pigalle all they will do is woo you in the door with promises and then bugger you financially. if you cant pay or protest you get your head kicked in. Anyway there are plenty of nice young ladies in france from all countries who should tickel your fancy for nowt.

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    dunno about that the french ladies have a bit of a hygiene problem, hairy arm pits ewwie
    I like to think there's a sexyfukka in all of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dub Lad View Post
    dunno about that the french ladies have a bit of a hygiene problem, hairy arm pits ewwie
    Bit of a generalisation there.....
    Pigalle is well dodgy stay clear, though for a laugh take a car drive through the Bois du Bologne to see all the TV/TS escorts, quite a sight

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    Red face rugby world cup

    franp is correct, and taking account of the fact it was nearly 4 in the morning dub lad was probably talking through his hole.

    hairy armpits on french women simply don't exist! this was british propaganda dished out along with our pigs in the kitchen myth, and is still carried in the british tabloids, which are read only by people of very low intellect.

    the women around the pigalle are there to rip-off sex tourists, and are almost all from the colonies or eastern europe. there are many other areas around paris where street prostitution is offered at a far higher level, but, as in most cities, are still the lower end of the market. you also have to be fairly fluent in french to negotiate services and prices.

    get a local paper, go to a sex shop or look up the internet to find the best brothels. there are some GREAT ones in paris, and well worth the effort.

    stop trying to take the easy or cheap way out, you might not have your wallet when y
    Red faceou're finished, but you'll still come home with a lot more than you went with!!

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