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    Heading to Berlin for a weekend. Can anyone advise where to go to be a happy man

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    Just go to the FKK Club Artemis. It is €70 entrance and you can stay the full day. The ladyes are all top class and cost I think about €80 for 30minutes. You can eat and drink(non-alcholic) all day and watch porn on there big screens. It is just out of this world. Thrust me.

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    Hulk is right , try Artemis and you are in safe and experienced hands ....

    Otherwise , be carefull , Berlin is a hard city and can end in disaster if you are not familiar with the language and rules of business !

    Enjoy Berlin
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    I finally remebered my password so putting this in my name!
    ok got there at 11am CET, got 2 hotel 1pm, hotel 2 mins walk frm red light district
    Its massive, as big as if not bigger than amsterdam, but its different, there is no girls st&ing in windows, more huge brothels with girls in rooms, brothels are huge maybe 80 girls per brothel n there was about 20 brothels, then there are strip clubs & plenty of street girls 2
    THE price 4 a 10 in he RLD is 30euro 4 30 mins. 2 girls 60 euro & so on, so had a dable round there & it was cool. but i read everywhere the best thing in Germany is FKK Clubs, I had a read of the reviews of a place called FKK Palace, & every single review without fault was 100% you have 2 go here. so thought ok I gotta check this place out. Stayed floating around the RLD & did the 2urist thing on Friday & said id check out the FKK Palace Saturday night, friday night few beers in me & off 4 a 3rd trip 2 the RLD 4 the final run of the night.great, got coaxed in2 a bar by this hotty, Bar was empty (i was later 2 find out frm a girl i met on sunday night that these are called animation bars) so sat down with this girl & she siad have a beer, its only 5 euros OK h&ed the big fucker behind the bar a 10 & he looked & me & said "drink 4 the lady" yeah sure why not i replied, he brings down this tiny glass of water 4 the chick, then looks at me & says, OK NOW YOU GIVE ME MONEY gulp! what I just gave you a 10er! that was 4 beer, you give me 40 euro 4 lady drink."eh fuck off!" s2od up 2 walk out & he grabs me holds pepper spray up 2 my face says, "I WILL KILL YOU" & fuck man i was shitting it, i knew i was in a bad space, empty bar with some russian war vet, surrounded in "Animation Bars" with probably 10 of these russian tanks around the place, I went 2 leg it but the grip he had on me, I knew, I was paying or not leaving..he 2ld me, if I tell you 1000 you give me 1000! eh heres ur 40 euro, & I walked out..bricking myself & fucking so annoyed 4 letting myself get coaxed in2 a had 2 cheer myself up with 1 last pop (4 so far)...bish bash bosh, back 2 hotel sleep.

    So sussed out this FKK Palace location, jumped on the underground & got there in 7 mins

    Anyway its 5pm a little dark & im walking across this down2wn area, see this big sign (its legal in germany) Palace > & literally frm the moment you get 2 the stairs, its a big long red carpet in2 this massive industrial mansion with really cool lights going up the walk through these cool sliding doors & there is this mad looking eletric gate & you can see the receptionist infront further down & she buzzes ya in. The interior of the reception alone is like something out of MTV cribs really nice plush & its really nice, reception is like a really nice hotel & the receptionist is a really nice women, entrance fee is 75 euro.sounded high but thats also what it said on all the reviews, so i said ok, pay the 75 euro. asked me if id ever been there be4e. NOPE, ok so she h&s me a bath robe, a 2wl & a key.says follow me.. firstly she takes me 4 a walk in2 the resturant (NOW when I say it is amazing, i love good food as ya know bro) it was amazing food, nice resturant, the thoughts of eating in a highclass or even a low class brothel/club did not appeal 2 me, but it was super clean, really nice & the staff were all so sound..thinking 2 myself how much is this gonna cost me.NOPE.its all included in the entrance fee, you can order at 16oz steak full course dinner, desert, coffee, tea, coke, 7up etc.all included in the price.. AS MANY times as you like..didnt eat just yet, had still 2 see what this place actually looked like, so, so far id seen reception & gotten a robe, a 2wel & a key, & seen the resturant & twigged its all you can eat, whenever you want 2 she shows me where the mens changing room is & a mini bar which every non alcholic drink is free, as much coke, 7up, redbull, you, espresso, capachinos.all free. Changing rooms where like a nice Gym, ur key opens ur locker, & ur locker contains a safe, & a pair of flipflops, in ur size (she asked me my shoe size, I thought she was joking) anyway, changed in2 my robe, had a shower & walked out in2 the main club area, where there is this other set of small lockers that hold ur wallet,same key same locker number. She walks me around 2 the Steam rooms, the Sauna the Jacuzzi's the whirlpools, the TV area, the 50 foot cinema that plays only porn all day long, the non erotic massage area, the Relax area, the other shower rooms & the main bar..(im just setting the scence here, in the process there are girls everywhere but they deserve a book not a few sentances).so all of this is free 2o. The place is spotless, really clean, there is an ENCLOSED smoking area so no stink of fags & the whole place smells really nice & has a brilliant atmosphere..Every MAN is walking around in robes, & flipflops either sitting on the line of sofa's around the club, the bar, or the relax area' after showing me around she takes off & tells me 2 enjoy myself & if i have any questions or need anything just 2 ask her or the "clean team" which are like general assistants that clean the place, constatnly put new 2wels up, new robes etc.

    the place inside is amazing, its like a palace literally, the interior is amazing, pillars around the whirlpools, the rooms are amazing 2o, all really clean.& nice.not like some shady ass place, really nice, the other men walking around in robes are cool in when ur in a RLD its caps on, huds up & try not make eye contact..but here its people who paid a good price 2 get in2 a nice club. its brilliant.

    The girls, oh my good god, think of the hottest chick you've ever seen EVER. I mean, porn, I mean strip clubs, I mean name it, you will not see a hotter collection of women 100% NAKED all walking around in nothing but high heels & suspenders! there was about 20 guys in the place in robes & about 30-40 girls, some of them walking around in pairs, holding h&s, messing with each other trying 2 get ur attention.there are poles 4 dancers 2o but not at im left 2 fend 4 myself .GULP...(WISHING, I MEAN WISHING you where here!!!!!!!!) so the girls dont hassel you, they look at you & smile & if you smile back or wink or give them any signal they come over & start talking 2 you, ALL have excellent english, are between 18 & 28.go 4 a walk & one might capture you & start talking 2 you, there all sound 2o, not under preassure, not hassling you, when you do talk 2 them after a couple of mins there pulling the lad off you out in the open & playing with ya asking ya if you wanna go & take 30mins (50), 1 hour(100) 2 hours (150).30mins 50euro!!!! I couldnt beleive it, this place is like palace, the rooms are amazing the girls ohhhh my good god, they are amazing, & they love their job, so this uber 10 eygption chick tall, long black hair, super hot, coners me on my lonestrole around the place, sits me down & gives me a full lapdance, crawling all over me (remmeber ur just in a robe, so access all areas) asks me if i want 2 have some more fun with her, EH OK!
    starts sucking the plum off me there & then, NO RUBBER 4 blowjobs! yeeee haaawwwww brings me in2 the room & we bumpped & grinded 4 30mins..then walks me 2 my little locker, open my locker, give her 50 & she gives me a kiss on the check winks at me 2uches my cock & walks off 4 her shower.IM IN heavan now, 600 euro in my back pocket..cant belive this is the case..go have a shower, get new 2wl & robe frm the changing rooms, layed out in the steam room 4 a while, then went & had Chicken in Musroom cream sauce with Mash & fresh veg (free)..bottle of bud (6euro) coffee (free).back out in2 the main area & in2 the whirlpool 4 a gel out, got joined in the whirl pool by 2 russian blondes straight out of a bond movie, really classy girls, they charge 750 an hour outside the club! EACH! in the club 50 blips each or 100 blips each & they will do eachother & you! So after nearly making me shoot my load in the Jacuzzi I got tempted 2 go back 2 another room with them.50 euro each! all you can h&le..the idea of having my cock sucked & another chick sucking my balls & 2 pairs of tits on each leg.WAS as good as I had thought if not better! fucked the 2 of them, after they nearly made me blow my load while both sucking my cock 2gether..DEAR LORD I've just had 2 6foot tall russian blonde tanned thin with perfect tits sucking & fucking me 4 half an hour & it cost me 100 euro 2TAL!!! Plush I just had a second dinner & free drink & be4e that I rode a super hotty eygiptian godess!.my prostate glad must have been like a water melon!

    its 2am..I have 2 get out of this place be4e I have a heart attack, Sauna's, free Espresso & riding.wouldnt have liken 2 seen my blood preassure!
    Tram home, 2euro, pint in the irish bar, & bed..with a smile.

    the place is open frm 10am till 4am..NO points 4 guessing where I ALL spent sunday. got there at 11am had BREAKFAST.did some fun stuff, Had LUNCH..had loads more fun..had Dinner..had loads & loads more fun..had loads more fun, had a snack..had loads more fun..left at 2am, got 2 airport at 5am, home 4 9am picked up by the missus. in2 bed..had some fun! a spin on the bike around 1pm cried a little that i wasnt in FKK Palace.& now im sitting in work still crying & looking 2 book a weekend in Frankfurt urgently!!! I miss the 18..10's I had fun with in Palace & the 4 i had fun with in the RLD! 4 sure when I'm old & feeble im moving 2 Frankfurt!
    Best Weekend of my life!

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    Cheers for that. very useful

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