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    Home values have taken a tumble. In the current market,
    in order to obtain a sale, 50% of peak prices is the guide. This may
    be higher in the cities but lower in some rural areas.

    The budget has reduced stamp duty to 1% (transactions below €1 million)
    Would you be tempted to buy a home now?

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    still down to getting money at banks fr alot of people so market is goin to be slow fr along time. know 1 guy he's trawling country fr bargains and getting them.
    there's goin something happen in private morgage . any reduction in burning bond holders say offering them 50%of there money. so whether bernand mac's loans 100million or joesoap with200k it will have to be pro rata down to mrs soap 10k credit union . if not people across the board should refuse to pay there morgage until its fair reduction fr everyone.they won't able reposse all the houses.
    quiet simply bond holders would gladly take 40/50 cents in the euro new bank in now typical morgage goes frm 200k to 80/100k bond holder happy. anyway bank happy gettin there repayments and most all customer happy makin repayments and loan to value corrected end off
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