First off i apoligise for offending anyone because i am actually now langers drunk. Apparently my brother is having a fuckin party. Anyway...........

Documentary my arse. You want to do a TG4 doc then go and track down those peadophile bastards that are walking around trying to justify screwing young boys and girls or those cunts who beat children to death in orphanages. If you were serious about your doc you would just asked your silly qs here and now on this site.

I have being here a while ( too bloody long). I have seen lots of complaints by guys and undoubedly there is a lot of bs on the adverts. EG girls advertising as indeps when they are in fact a group ie the eastern europeans in cork. False prices eg upmarket models in cork, prices start at 110 (160 is the full whack).

I therefore ask the obvious question..............Does the Sweetie deal fairly on this site??? Does the Sweetie knowingly allow false adverts once she gets her money for them.

Now before you get your knickers in a twist love, one i am genuinely fond of you, two this site is wayyy better than any other,
So a poll..................

Does the Sweetie draw the line down the middle or does she sway with the wind.