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Thread: pancake day just had mine mwha some humour for ya

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    Default pancake day just had mine mwha some humour for ya

    I got some new aftershave today that smells like
    bread crumbs, the birds love it!

    Tampax have announced today that they will be
    replacing the cord on their tampons with a piece of tinsel. This will
    be for the Christmas period only.

    David Cameron has announced that he intends to make
    it more difficult to claim benefits. From next week all the forms will
    be printed in English.

    Husband says to wife 'My Olympic condoms have arrived
    - I think I'll wear gold tonight' . Wife says 'Why don't you wear
    silver and come second for a change?'

    " Tiffany Tees "
    Strangers are friends I have yet to meet.

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