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    Question Marketplace

    Or rather I hope that this thread might open up a discussion on the lack of a marketplace. I find it extraordinary that there is virtually no difference in price between the very best and the very worst of escorts. I cannot think of any other business where this "one price fits all" pertains. I was sure that this died with the communists. It is a fundamental prerequisite of any properly functioning market that those with the talents, who work the hardest and give the best service get more than those who just dont give a damn.
    I think that this is one of the problems with the review system. Why put yourself up for criticism if you are not to gain by it. I know that it will be said that the best escorts will benifit from more clients. This is the problem. one of the reasons why the best are the best is that they limit the number of clients they see, do not rush them and do not have a phone ringing during the session. Obviously, these escorts are difficult, and sometimes impossible to contact. So you either stay home or take pot luck with the mystery girls. I think that everyone could tell their own horror story about how that can end up.
    Every hour with a girl takes me three hours between coming and going. I am,therefor, less inclined than I should be to turn away from a girl who is less than advertised, but I am surely pissed with myself afterwards for not doing so. I am, unashamedly, a quality over quantity guy. I would quite happily spend my money on one good time rather than two poor ones. Equally, I am sure that there are guys who would always go for two no matter how good the one was. The current system does not work for any of us.
    How can we make it better?

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    Default agree entirly

    You have it in one.But already there is divide appearing in the payment to escorts.A couple I know of are already charging 350 an hour.I have been with one and she was so good she could have asked for 500 an hour on my second visit and I would gladly have paid it she was that good.Remember it is better to rent luxury than own mediocrity. Cheers Damron.

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    Question Questions for the girls

    I am interested in the escorts experience of the business. Is there a problem with crank calls or new clients who do not show up? Are there changes to the review system that would make it more acceptable? Is there scope for an answering service when you are away or busy? What would make the business easier for you and help you to give your best?

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    Crank calls yes, no shows yes.

    It's not an escort thing, it happens in all buisnesses. (that is why you have to pay a no show charge at the dentist for example.)

    I was browsing in a charity shop the other and while I was there, they received a crank call!

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    Default No-shows

    I am guessing that no-shows are a bigger problem for escorts than they are for dentists especially with first time bookings. I suspect that because of this escorts are slow to turn away regular clients because they have a conflicting booking with a first time client. This leads to angry clients and negative reviews. It would help if clients understood the level of difficulty with no-shows and escorts notified clients by phone or text if they have to cancel.

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    As I said dentists charge for now shows, hence they don't get them very often.

    Doctors surgeries and out paitent departments over here are plauged by no shows, they probably get more than escorts.

    And a reputable and professional escort would never, never, double book.

    Jackie xxx

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    Dear Jackie, I admire your approach but girls have to look after regular clients. I, for one, would understand if an escort phoned to cancel. The problem seems to be a minority of escorts who switch off their phones and leave clients hanging around on the street. When this happens, clients need to be warned.

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    I regard all my clients the same,wether they are regulars or not. What is to stop a regular from not turning up and never to be seen again?

    Once a booking is in my diary it is honoured and I would only cancel due to illness or a sudden family crises. I certainly wouldn't replace it with another booking.

    A new client can be regular you haven't yet met.

    Jackie xxx

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    Thank you Jackie for that. I know, by reputation that you are one of the best.
    I am hoping that this thread will give some insight into why genuine girls like yourself are not being rewarded more. It is primarily down to the review system, which for a variety of reasons is not differentiating between the different standards of escorts as it should. Have you any thoughts on how the review system could be improved

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    yeah the prices are pretty extortionate, but i've been lucky that most my experiences with escorts here were very good ones.
    a couple of escorts i talked to and they said of course they don't come to ireland cos of the beautiful weather*, cos this is where they can earn the most money duh! probably similar with the uk. wages are higher here that anywhere in europe so the prices go up.
    moving to mexico in about 8 months time. beautiful, and classy women everywhere. but if it were required like here, then you can get escorts from 50 dollars upwards. good ones from 80-100 dollars. over there the known good ones do cost more... some even 200 dollars which is a shiteload over there. unfortunately any 'rubbish' escort will charge at least 250 here, same as most of the good ones. it's always a bit of a gamble here.

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