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Thread: Not tonight Josephine!!!

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    Default Not tonight Josephine!!!

    I read in a post recently that some girls seen as many as 10 punters a day.OUCH!!. Personally, I don't think so.I don't think I'd fancy being 10 out of 10 in any girls day. Cheers Dam

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    I think that was someone ASSUMING escorts see 10 clients a day.

    It isn't a just a case of one in one out: time has to be factored around each appointment so there is no overlap, the escort can shower etc. and breaks so the escort can have something to eat and take phonecalls.

    Then of course there is all the timewasters not turning up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No, escorts do not see 10 clients a day!

    Jackie xxx

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    Default 10 clients a day never

    I agree with Mature Jackie its impossible to see 10 clients a day.
    Perhaps girls forced into slave trade yes, but not a good escort.We like to be clean and fresh for each client. We wouldnt have time to shower and change otherwise.
    Plus 10 per day, I would be worn out,lol.


    Limerick 3rd Sept and Dublin 16th.

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    Default How many a day??????????????????/

    Thanks for the repiles girls.Goes a long way to dispelling the myth that escorts are making a million quid a year.I can't agree with guys that say you charge too much.Your touring expenses must be horrendous with cost of hotels/appts,travel,food etc.,BTW your pics are great".Cheers Dam

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    Hey 4 clients a day or 4 hours a day, 5 days a week.

    Tax free, I can see the reasons. Why wouldn't any good looking intelligent woman not do it. Imagine the tax take for the government on 200k a year. (That's working 10 months of the year).

    Sorry myself and a mate had a conversation about this last week, possibly 4 hours a day is pushing it a bit.

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