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    whats going on in this town, lots of the girls shown operate from the same places and seem to know nothing about extras etc when you get to the apt/ house. why do agency girls list themselves as independents ? can this be sorted out ?
    p.s. has anybody got any info on a decent punt in limerick offering extras ?

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    Sorry crispy can't really help you out on a good punt. But the whole scene is frustrating in LK. Seems the scene is controlled by a brazilian bunch who have nothing better to do than write shite pigeon english reviews - See "Irishman", "Manpower" reviews to prove same. Exact same reviews with pigeon english? What a load of shite... It ruins it for decent service providers
    Very annoying!!!

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    Default I am independant and coming to Limerick

    I am independant and coming to Limerick on 3rd Sept.I dont work for any agents.
    However I am mature Lady and only see guys of certain age.Plus of course there are some guys who prefer the younger women. I do know there's been other touring escorts visiting Limerick in past. I must admitt its been awhile since my last visit.

    Is there a real shortage of touring women in Limerick? Or are you looking for certain type of escort?

    Mature Samantha x

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    There is certainly one block of appartments in Limerick and it seems to have more "independent" escorts there than you'd find rice crispies in a cereal bowl. This would lead you to think that these escorts are organised somehow.
    I suppose the only real independents nowadays are the touring ones like sammymature that visit a few cities and return home again.

    We need more independents to visit Limerick to give us a good choice and service.

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    Default Limerick

    I could not agree more with the comments about the Limerick scene.It has been terrible,however, if you'r patient and wait you will find it as good as anywhere else. Also talking to guys in the chatroom and reading as many reviews as you can will steer you in the right direction.I agree that the touring independent is the way to go.In recent weeks I have seen ADRIANA & ALYSSA here in Limerick and boys you will not get better no matter where you go. Cheers Dam

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