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    Default Couple of suggestions

    1) Is it possible to filter for "Has Reviews" when using the Escort search? Or to have a similar link for Escorts with reviews like Escorts with genuine pics?

    I don't think I'd ever hire an escort that didn't have a few reviews.
    If you arrive at a hotel/apartments and she looks nothing like the pictures or doesn't offer services as advertised it either means you've wasted a drive through the city for nothing or a couple of hundred euro on an appointment that wasn't what you expected.

    2) Can I ask how EI verifies pictures?
    I ask because there are several profile where the pictures of the girl look like Playboy/pinup shots with the face blurred. Some also look too good to be true.
    She doesn't look like a B-cup to me.

    3) Edit: oops, never mind this one.

    4) Can you have someone call me as soon as either Romy or Sara make a return to Dublin?

    Thanks for running the site by the way, it's a great resource.
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    i live in mayo, but work in dublin


    hi my name is claudia, and im an escort ive worked with a few girls and some of us lie, its only natural. but some of us dont, im a good looking girl with no pics and it is very fustrating when you hear clinents ohh i didnt expect to see how pretty you are.. and when clinets ring ive to explain how i look.and its hard coz if you've a lovely phone manner, i think,they think its all talk. but i do understand wat your saying, and it makes buissness hareder for poor ole me. wats a girl to do?? but if you want to write your own review on my looks and lovely phone manner give me a call... *phone number removed* 4. and il actually give you something good to write about. xxx
    im here this weekend in the herbert park hotel till saturday.. 150e/half hour.. and all will be satisfied...
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    Default oops!!!

    I love your approach Claudia but it's a boo boo to mention hotel name. Dam

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    Could one of the forum administrators give their views on my first post?

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    Something that occoured to me- I have been round the block a few times, so to speak, and have reviews- but cos i've only just ponied up as a paid advertiser here, it says I have ho reviews.
    That being the case, i have added to my profile that I have reviews, and how to find them- wonder if it would help if other ladies without reviews here did that?

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    One suggestion I'd have is to ask for hours of availability to be included in the search options. I'm a night owl and frequently get the urge at 3/4 in the morning so it'd be nice to know which girls were available then etc.

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