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Thread: action needed against new laws

  1. Default action needed against new laws

    Hi all first let me introduce myself
    I have never been a very active punter.
    I was active on forms in the early and mid 00's

    I have always support full legalisation of the industry here along the german lines.

    As we all know there has been a serious drive over the last month to introduce swedish style laws here. I only yesterday realised the scale of this campaign when I learnt of the radio campaign. (I dont listen to Irish radio)
    I have been in contact with the SWAI and have written letters to the irish Times but more needs to be done.

    For a long time clients have expected the law we have I feel been caught on the back foot by this campaign and are on the defence.
    We need to have an actual debate on this issue fully and openly
    We need to get off our laptops and make our voices heard.

    OK enough rhetoric what should we do
    Personally I feel we need to organise debates on the subject and get support not just from clients and escorts but also from outside especially women.
    We need to turn up to meeting run by ruhama and TOTRL cmapiagn not to cause rows but to let our voices be heard

    We need to show that these laws will not protect escorts/prostitutes and will (IMO) make it more dangerous.

    I am open to suggestions place him here or PM me

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    Hi Expresso,

    There have been a number of threads on this already (with varying reponses). Please see below.

    In fact E-I is supposed to have launched its campaign today. Although either I missed it or its been delayed).

    As much as this legislation will finish punting for me in Ireland, I will never be able to attack it in the open as you suggest. I have written and posted anonymously but cannot risk public exposure. I agree that the strength of a campaign against this legislation will be stronger if we are visible but many of us have too much to lose reputation wise. While we may not think there is anything wrong with our practices, its becoming clear that there are many do-gooders who view us as monsters and are seeking to put us on the sex-offenders register!

    Please see the threads below for the responses and suggested action.
    "Don't be reckless with other people’s hearts. Don't put up with people who are reckless with yours"

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    I understand concerns about been outed but I am not on about going on Late Late Show or Frontline but private debates
    Complaining here isnt going to much good
    I dont know the best way to do this

    Is there a site for turn off the blue light campaign

    By the way I put up a petition here

    If anyone has any ideas let me know

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    I'm not entirely sure.


    I don't think we can stop this law from coming to pass as I think that the Government wouldn't listen to any arguements regardless of the issue.
    But I have been racking my brains trying to think of a way to circumvent these laws. I'm not a legal eagle but maybe someone can give me some feedback on this idea...
    I recently say a documentary on Channel 4 about a "Virgin School" in Amsterdam. I know that Amsterdam's laws in this area are quite relaxed compared to most countries but the ladies involved were sex/intimacy therapists. Would it be possible for Escorts to do an online course or like a two-day course to become "intimacy therapists"? They could then set up legitimate tax paying businesses with a confidentiality cover for their "patients/clients". I'm not thinking that this would be very secretive or clandestine but the government would be unlikely to put tax paying businesses out of service given the particular economic climate.
    And regarding any negative feedback that Escorts may get, they would be able to say, "Hey, we're proffessional therapists".
    Please, find the flaws in my idea so that we can fix them.
    Live without Freedom and never know Life!

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    Just back from a short holiday. Happy to see Momentum is growing over the last few days.

    Had my letter printed in the metro herald apparently.

    The address for letters there again is

    Espresso - do you email letters to the Irish times and what is the address?

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    I wrote another letter (long one) into the Times but hasn't been published yet.
    In terms of circumventing the laws it could be quit difficult
    Like in fairness this proposed new changes in the law is effectively are designed to close a loop hole in 1993 legislation.

    The only question is how the law will be written. The whole "you only pay for time" will be thrown out of court on the first day but will the government be willing to open the can of worms and defy what counts as a sexual act.
    in Iceland they have banned lapdancing/strip clubs under the same act, This is not the case in Sweden.
    Also whats irelands position on the recording of porn.

    Interested in the subject before christmas I went online trying to find the legal difference between prostitution and porn in the US. laws depend state to state but the basic difference was: With regard prostitution you are paying someone to have sex with you (ilegal) in porn you are paying someone to act in a movie and part of the role the actress plays requires a sex scene.
    We have all seen porn shot in PoV were the guy holds the camera as he receives a bj or full sex. Now obviously women don't want to be filmed but its one area to look at

    I hope the law fails but i feel unless we get up and make a stand punting in ireland will die

    @burno69 letters to the editor

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