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    I know the escorts have a reserved for themselves only room where they can discuss punters in secercy.I have no problem with that and that's as it should be.However, I think it's time for a punters ONLY room where punters could do the same.I suppose it would be a kinda review area,Crazy or what ? and the usual suspects need not reply to that.Anyway, think about it Cheers Dam

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    ..The only problem with that.. It'd be hard for a punter to fake being a paying advertiser to get into the girl's forum... But pretty easy for a girl to join/ post from a different i.p. to get known as a punter and get into that bit!
    If it's any consolation, nothing happens in the girls forum anyway... It goes for days with no posts. (We prefer to chat about you boys on the phone, lol! Kidding.)

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    I'm don't think I'm in favour of a private punter's forum.

    Appoline is dead right. Not a lot goes on in the private escort's forum at all. There are not juicy discussions about anyone here going on there, just occasional short posts from ladies when they wish to warm others of a possible danger or share info on a basic escorting issue, like which hotels are good and which aren't or how to get an Irish phone chip when you are in the UK etc.

    I think there is a need for a private escort's forum, but this is all the private escort's forum should be used for. I would strongly discourage it becoming a place for idol gossip if I felt it was going that way.

    I wouldn't be in favour of a private forum for punters because I don't feel there is any real need for one, and thus, if there was one, all it could be used for is idol gossip.

    I'm against this site become one of those private members club type places, where in order to get the good info you have to be a regular, you have to be an E-I crony. I'm in favour of it being a place where anyone can come along and see everything that is here and join in all the discussions, especially because I think a lot of people here don't want to dedicate themselves to being a regular here.

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