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    I have been very busy of lately with my new life.. I pop on to the boards now and again to catch up.. Lately I see threads that mention cliques.. My question is what is going on.. a crowd of cyber people get on and post after each other on a thread and enjoy the crack is a clique.. mmm very strange as there seems to be a divide... the people ranting about a clique also seem to be certain people who get on in a different manner.. should they not look at this and consider themselves a clique.. well lets see their is a gang on here who consider themselves the heroes "I will defend the girls against all" you know who you are... there seems to be girls on here who are honest and outright.. is that a crime.. well not in my eyes.. there are girls and guys who are joined forces to try and pull the wool over peoples eyes and then play the vicitim to distroy people...a typical few days in the e-i world I suppose... there are posters here who protray themselves as prefect but when they post their posts are rude, demeaning and cutting in a what they consider an intelligent manner.. are they any more clever than the ordinary poster mmm no... I remember when I chatted in the chat room on here some of the people I met I found lovely but now not so sure what changed them...But I do know the bullying, harassment and other things are not nice on here.. so why are you all doing it.. its an internet forum.. to be honest you dont all know each other so get a grip.. life is for living.. girls if you cos bother for other girls face it you are not nice.. guys if you wish to defend and be whipping boys your choice.. you are all adults you are in charge of your own destiny.. your choices are your own.. you fuck up face it and be adults and say well i was wrong lesson learnt I won`t be that stupid again.. but if the lesson aint learnt no one to blame but yourselves.. actions have reactions.. simple and plain.. as for the managers and mods on this site their job is hard with so many children... they should be paid extra for the squabbles they constantly sort...x
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