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Thread: I like something a little different (Limerick)

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    Heya this is my first post so sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    Anyways as the title says I have what I think is quite a different fetish. It's for tickling. Yep no joke, a tickle fetish. Google search it, it's a real fetish lol! So I know most of you gals have probably tried out a lot of different things but I'm sure this would be a first for most of you. If you already know what the fetish involves then that helps but basically you need bondage gear and must be up for a laugh!

    Let me know if any of you girls like the sound of this and would be up for getting tickled in a slightly new way! Also if I do get a reply I'd like to meet someone on tuesday
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    So I'm guessing nobody is up for being tied and tickled for 30 minutes?

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    Sounds like a fun half hour and have seen it on the net but I think your main problem is getting a lady that will allow you to tie her up, especially on the first meet.

    Think about it, there are some weirdos out there and the girls must be careful.

    2 suggestions: book a duo, you tie and tickle 1 girl while the other acts as minder or maybe even joins in!!

    The other is pick a local lady, not a touring escort and visit a few times before bringing up this subject. If she trusts you.........

    Have fun!

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