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    A review has been submitted for me by someone called Horndog which is very obviously a fake.

    It was brought to my attention by a client this morning and as I am having a very successful tour it shows that reviews don't count for much.

    So in future I shall opt out of the review system and I'm now off to collect my old age pension.

    Jackie xxx

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    Hi Jackie,

    Sorry you are unhappy with a recent review of you posted. I added a note to the review stating that you do not believe it is genuine as soon as I saw your post here. Before you go totally opting out of reviews, please note: You have the right to reply to any review made of you. I will publish any text you provide me with under the review if you wish to respond to it.

    Pat x

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    er...what are you talking about? I have only one other review (and that is also disputed!!) So where are all these reviews you are supposed to have read?


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