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    Recently have found on the net a tour guide website for foreigners about Kiev. It is about Kiev hotels and bringing escort girls into, about where to find a decent apartment in Kiev, some taxi tel numbers.. If was useful for me, maybe you guys will also find something for you. There are also some pretty escort girls to try.

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    Most of them offer COB: looks like we are spoiled for choice
    Acronym Definition

    COB Close Of Business
    COB California-Oregon Border
    COB Call On Business
    COB Call Out Bonus
    COB Cargo Onboard
    COB Carry on Business (license; India)
    COB Cash on the Barrelhead
    COB Central Obrera Boliviana (Bolivian labor organization)
    COB Certificate of Birth
    COB Chairman of the Board
    COB Change of Basis (linear algebra, changing vectors from one basis to another)
    COB Chief Of the Boat
    COB Children of Bodom (band, Finland)
    COB Chip On Board
    COB Church of the Brethren
    COB City of Bellingham (Washington)
    COB City of Brass (game)
    COB Civilians on the Battlefield
    COB COBOL Source Code (file name extension)
    COB College of Business
    COB Collocated Operating Base
    COB Combined Order of Battle
    COB Comitê Olímpico Brasileiro (Brazilian Olympic Committee)
    COB Command Operating Budget
    COB Commencement of Business
    COB Commission des Operations de Bourse (France)
    COB Commission des Operations de Bourse (French stock market regulator)
    COB Communications Office Building (NASA)
    COB Conan O'Brien (TV personality)
    COB Conduct of Business
    COB Contingency Operating Base
    COB Continuity of Business
    COB Continuous Open Bidding (Greek sorority/fraternity term)
    COB Contractors on the Battlefield
    COB CONUS Operating Base
    COB Coordination Of Benefits
    COB Country of Birth
    COB Cranky Old Bastard
    COB Crew-Overboard
    COB Crusty Old Bastard
    COB Current on Board
    COB Cut Out Background (digital photo manipulation)

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