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Thread: Usefulness or not, of Dublin map by postcode on this site..

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    Default Usefulness or not, of Dublin map by postcode on this site..

    I would welcome some comments on the above.

    I have emailed Patricia with some thoughts thereon but it seems not important enough to even acknowledge the email or the idea..

    I live in Swords, so [North] Co Dublin is of interest to me. However most of the girls listed are in the city centre, with a few in City West, which is fine.

    In fact most of the post codes have no entries but you have to click on each to find that out.

    The info provided for the girls in D4 is quite useful.

    If you can show the number of reviews for escorts, it is not a difficult task to show the number of escorts by post code on the maps.

    The implementation of more detailed postcodes soon in Ireland make considering how to use them intelligently a consideration.

    What I find interesting is that not all the city centre girls are in the Co Dublin section

    Is there a case for improving the quality of the 'intel' here?.
    A good solution would be to use Google maps with approx locations as markers.

    Ps while I am at it, 'the airports served' is a joke.
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