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Thread: Anna wants to screw a priest!

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    Exclamation Anna wants to screw a priest!

    I have a fantasy: I am a nun in a monastery and I fall in love with the new priest. At first I only give him bash-full glances an later I try to catch his attention by lifting the skirt "accidentally" in front of him. He is still resisting and once, at a convenient moment, when we are alone, I confess, that I am having "fantasies" about him. He is obviously delighted but will firmly acknowledge me, that this is not acceptable and I need to be punished to forget these shame-full thoughts...
    In order for the punishment to be properly humiliating, I will have to take off all my clothes and then I get spanked on my naked bottom. I need to realize, how dangerous are such thoughts and so there will be several oral and manual techniques performed on my virgin body, until I admit, that these activities are utterly devilish.
    The priest is struggling to stay in celibacy but at this stage his massive erection rules his mind and everything goes out of the hand......

    Who wants to play this out with me?
    No, i dont have a nun outfit.. for me it is more about the psychic part, about the excitement of trying to hold as long as possible and resist the temptation and at the same time tickle all senses till madness and then just release the tense and follow the instinct stormily

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