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Thread: Questionable Review of Sara

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    Question Questionable Review of Sara

    Maybe it was just a typing error but......Fit 08 has just posted a review of Sara. It is the 17th review she has recieved and its the first negative one. Now everybody is entitled to their opinion but the biggest problem I have with this particular review is with its time and date. have a look for yourself Date 04/07/07.....ok 8.00pm in the evening.......... time of this post 5.00pm.
    Strange to say the least

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    Good find, should be deleted so if thats the case.

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    Question Alexis

    I was also surprised by Fit 08's quite negative and very bitter review of Alexis .............. I have been punting for over twelve years visiting literally hundreds of escorts in that time in Ireland, Britain, Amsterdam & the US and I truly believe Alexis to be the very best escort I have ever seen. Strange reviews from this poster ................. ???


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