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    Default Dear Santa

    for Xmas I would like the perfect punt which for me would involve

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    going hard at it with

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    going hard at it with

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    all in a nice big bed and when they've enjoyed each other for a while it all turns into a Gonzo free for all.

    Umm maybe they should all tour together offering a very special Xmas Special
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    Sort of sounds like Christmases past.......before old Scrouge Lenihan raised the taxes and cut the welfare, so that even your Tiny Tim would be afraid to venture out in the cold anymore.

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    deedin, i do having'd me own santa. she do be an auld dear, toothless, with a nice white beard. she do sucking'd the large penis for'n my own self, and do drinking the contents that i do depositing adin inside in her own gob.. id say
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    What I want from Santa is:

    to find

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    under the tree, then ME going hard at it with her and a bottle of Jack Daniels ( DRINK, you sick f**ks) until the New Year rolls in. Then I die from exhaustion.

    Alternatively... same scenario with the hot brunette from my local Topaz. Without the dying.
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