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    A lot of the ladies seem unwilling to do an outcall service, I can understand that there may be security concerns, personally I prefer them as i am single and don't drive. I often have a bottle of wine as well but a lot of the ladies refuse it, I get the idea I may have spiked it or something!
    Any thoughts?

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    Basically, I think the time involved in outcalls puts them off.
    Going to client and returning could take up to an hour

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    There is also the issue of no shows from the punter when the escort arrives at the agreed out call location, this must be very annoying, at least if a punter fails to meet an appointment at the escorts location then there is some hope of she getting a call from a punter looking for an immediate appointment.

    I was staying in a guest house in Dublin a few years back and I met an escort in my car (she only did out calls and obviously couldn't meet me in the B&B), she blow me off as we drove to a beach in Nth county dublin and we has sex in the sand dunes (a location she knew fairly well). It wasn't value for money but it was exciting, next time I tried to contact her she told me she wasn't working anymore.

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