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Thread: Stunt in Germany goes horribly, horribly wrong....

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    Default Stunt in Germany goes horribly, horribly wrong....


    He BARELY got over the first two cars by a few millimetres. The last two cars would have been a lot bigger than the one he got caught on. I doubt that under those conditions he ever got over the last one. Maybe he did it at lower speed or something and thought he could up it for one really dangerous stunt, maybe the mat was different, springs wearing out, I have no idea. How the hell did he expect to do them all when he was clearly scared shitless of the second one??? (of course it's possible he was going to quit after the third).

    I think it's fair to say: what an idiot.

    I've never liked any of those shows or ever watching any stunts. I mean, what do people expect is going to happen sooner or later???? If nothing ever happens, then they were never in any danger in the first place and the stunt wouldn't be worth doing because it would be obviously easy.
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    Jesus that hurt.

    Maybe the production team put him under pressure to do some bigger cars than usual for the show !!

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