I cant post on your advert because the Sweetie will be pissed and i have to stay on her good side, you know.
No, its not that we have nothing better to do with our spare, its just that the review of you by "The Atomic Brainbox" was so stupid that it became my the most important thing at that very moment in time. Also the very fact that it took you so long to come with something indicates to me that your IQ and your penis are pretty much the same size and even that size is questionable. Not to worry because "The Atomic Brainbox" is close to becoming the first human in the history of thgis planet to actually acheive a negative IQ rating. You IQ of -8. Now i dont believe in IQ but hey when did you two stick your minds together and come up with a majic plan?? Oh yes "The Spainish Inquisition" in Russian but hey welcome to the world of free enterprise. May your stay be a joyous and of course a wordless one. Please shut up.

Thanking you in advance,
Westside. xxxx

PS i will also give Bigpaws credit with being sharp for once and spotting the thing. Congrads Paws, your free E-I t shirt is on its way..