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Thread: A song for the Sweetie

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    I Got a Woman (I Got a Sweetie)

    Well, I've got a woman
    Way cross town
    She's good to me oh, yeah
    Say. I've got a woman
    Way cross town
    She's good to me oh, yeah
    She's here in the morning,
    loving me
    Yeah, she's a kind of friend to me
    She says she love me early in the morning
    Just for me
    Oh, yeah you know she loves me
    Oh, naturally
    She's there to love me both day and night
    No groans or fusses, treats me right
    Never running in the street
    Loving me alone
    She knows a woman's place is around home at night
    Well, she's my baby
    And I'm her loving man

    The Power of alchohol,

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    Talking Question???

    west STATEMENT : 10-06-07, 09:54 PM


    "goodbye commuinity and God bless. No longer have the time for the place (and no i wont be back) not for a long time anyway. Take care and have a happy life although i kinda doubt it with some here. If i have touched your life in any small way then you havent touched mine at all

    And of course.............if youve enjoyed yourselves half as much as me...........then ive enjoyed myself twice as much as you..............

    Sincerely and Most Wholeheartedly Affectionate,

    BIGPAWS QUESTION : "Could you please define (considering your previous goodbyes forever speeches!) how long a "long time" is west???????????


    ANSWER : A "long time/forever", according to west, is ................. 11 DAYS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! hahahahahahahaha

    Welcome back west .......................

    Paws for thought

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