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Thread: Escorts taking 2 lads at once?

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    Default Escorts taking 2 lads at once?

    A simple way to manage double bookings... would any escort be interested in taking 2 lads for a session... I would be interested and would pay the same fare...
    Even a small gang-bang party would not be completely out of order (pre-Xmas party?).

    I understand eventual concerns for security and privacy... well, just a thought.

    Anyone interested in the same stuff?

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    Was going to ask that question recently myself. First I was going to ask some of my favourite girls, see who agreed then come on here and look for another guy. Very interested so pm me if you get something arranged

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    hmm i remember those nice pre party games with two guys.. so much fun. me thinks i will have to start back again to have that much fun regularly!
    Always up for fun and games in your bed!!

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    Miss Daisy would definitely be up for that. Would'nt mind joining in!!!!!.

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