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Thread: 1916 and all that jazz

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    Talking 1916 and all that jazz

    So ! We got the freedom we wanted, voted for our own and managed to bankrupt the nation within 90 years and effectively lose our sovereignty all over again.

    And its nothing to do with the Lisbon Treaty !

    ........................anyway I'm off for a pint.

    ......................and maybe pull some slapper in the Icon afterwards and have a knee trembler down some dimly lit lane and then grab a snack box in the chicken hut.

    Then walk on home over some comatose drunk, have a puke at the Augustinians and fight with some cabbie just because I ripped an almighty fart in his car, get chucked out and walk along an unlit road for half a mile to my home and wake up with a screaming hangover in the morning and off to the horse and hound for an Irish Breakfast with a pint o'plain and pop out for a fag and watch the world go sceaming by in its own merry way........The poor bastards !

    Happy Christmas my hole !!!
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    Call the Queen, and tell her we fucked up the counrty and we are handing the keys back
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