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Thread: Taylor of Manchester - Dublin tour June 28

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    Default Taylor of Manchester - Dublin tour June 28

    Hi guys - I will be touring dublin from June 28th till 3rd July. Im staying at a lovely hotel within the airport complex. Lots of safe and descreet parking.

    Please come and see me again xxx

    see my review here

    T xxx
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    Westie and Paws - Your replies to this ad have been deleted as I think Taylor would appreciate being able to advertise her tour without the distraction of you two arguing on her thread, and I think that's fair enough, so please let her do that. Thanks, Pat x.

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    Actually pat it was west having a go at Taylor unneccessarily and me interveing on Taylor's side as I am sick of watching west just bullying people for no apparent reason ................ especially as Taylor (lovely girl, I chatted to her in the Chat Room a couple of times) is new on here and is unaware of west's mental/emotional problems.
    But I think your removal of whatever it was (can't remember exactly!) that was here is a good idea and fine with me ................ well done, hope you feel better now xx

    Mr Paws

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