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Thread: n00b just moved to Dublin from the stix lol

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    Default n00b just moved to Dublin from the stix lol

    Hi guys,

    Ive been looking on this site for a while but I have never been with an escort in Dublin, Ive seen a few escorts on the continent, mainly in Amsterdam where I'd say the scene is very different from Dublin.

    So basically I'm just looking for any dos and don'ts of the Dublin scene

    I like black and Asian women if anyone has any good recommendations

    cheers guys

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    thanks for your promt reply.

    what i'd really like to know is ...

    how reliable are angeny escorts in dublin? some of them look fantastic but have higher prices and they seem to have generally less reviews then independants

    also is it better to see an escort in an apt. or a hotel? has anyone had any trouble seeing escorts in hotels in dublin?

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    tend to stay clear of agency girls,deffo stay clear of agency girls with unverified pics,and as far as hotels,they are easier to get in and out then all them buttons on the security gate
    a thousand kisses deep..

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