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Thread: Anyone in Sandyford / Leopardstown Area?

  1. Default Anyone in Sandyford / Leopardstown Area?

    Hi ... Looking for a little lunchtime fun - is there anyone around the Sandyford / Leopardstown / Stillorgan areas?

    Pref .. Slim, young (<26 ish), B cup.



  2. Default hi are u f/m

    hi, are u m/f

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    Question Wtf?!?!?!?!

    For fuck sake bigdarckdick this is NOT a swinger/chat site ............ it's an escort site!!! Its pointless posting requests for the girls to give you their address and telling them you can "kindly" travel to see them.You have to PAY for the services of these girls .................. wotzup is male by the way ............. you idiot!!

    Paws for thought

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