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Thread: Are CIM and facials kind of degrading?

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    Default Are CIM and facials kind of degrading?

    What do you think?

    I used to a lot of enjoyment out of giving them, but a few times I felt the ladies didn't enjoy it much and I kind of felt like shit afterwards. I suppose if the ladies were enthusiastic about it and made it known that they enjoyed it then I wouldn't have felt like that at all, but sometimes I feel like the lady just kind of tolerated it to make the punter happy, to attract more business. I think you can tell when they are kind of cold afterwards.

    Has anyone experienced the same? It made me feel pretty bad to be honest.

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    It's probably because some of them are more aware of the risks with that kind of fun. Yes even facials could be dangerous. But I really enjoy cumming on different parts like tits or feet. You can see some of the escorts offer CIM but with condom - I know its not the same but at least close.

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