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    For a few reasons I've been away from escorts websites for quite a while. Still, I have seen a few ladies and wanted to write a review or two. It looks a bit complicated so I'll do it here.

    I had decided to meet Mademoiselle Avenante since she had been slagged off on this forum. What started as an innocent question had tuned into a slaughter. I had also read other reviews on another website and they were excellent so I was intrigued.

    Well, for a starter, I must agree with Paws, the lady does not look like your average Polish/Russian/whatever slut/bimbo. True, she is not a model, but Jesus, she is much more than that if you are into Northern beauties. A gorgeous little thing. Petite, curvy, skin like snow, smooth as silk. Beautiful blond mane.

    I made an appointment for an hour. The location was easy to find, even though there is no bell. I paid her stright away, we had a lovely chat - the lady has a body AND a brain - and then she took me to the bathroom. she was waiting for me in nice lingerie with a glass of wine. I wont go too much into details, but I'll just let you know that the massage was great and that OWO was even better. I had to stop her before I came. Sex in 10000 different positions, the lady moaning in French. I was soooo turned on. She was so real and so erotic I had more the feeling to be a lover than a client. She can be hot and cold. She keeps eye contact all the time and knows how to use mirrors. And she tastes good.

    Now! As soon as I come back to Dublin I hope to see her soon, unless I can make it to Belfast

  2. Question review of jade?

    Hi tried to post yesterday. Does any have a review of Jade, Roscommon?

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