Hi there gents,
I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding time in Ireland while I was over...I miss you all already.....Also for those of you whom I missed whilst touring here are my new tour dates...
Belfast 19th til and including the 22nd July
Letterkenny 23rd and 24th July
Sligo 25th and 26th July
Galway 27th and including the 29th July
Limerick 30th and 31st July
Cork 1st and 2nd August
Waterford 3rd and 4th august (this tour is subject to cancellation if I havent enough enquiries before arrival)
Cork 5th August
Dublin 6th til and including 12th august...
I will be travelling and may not immediatly send you a reply however as soon as I am at a pc I will do so please email or send me a private message for enquiries..
My telephone number will not be avalible till arrival in ireland.....
Eng Mobile 447816371195
Ire Mobile 353872758938
I do not answer withheld number or texts thanks..
For personal safty reasons i require references or for new clients my personal security checks to be carried out...
Now let the good times roll see you soon kisses hugs and snuggles alyssa jenkins www.blonde-illusion.com xxxxxxxxxx