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    Default Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ,

    PS Jesus Christ! The forum has turned into a dump. Dont call me this ,dont call me that, thats ok but this isnt, this isnt ok but that is, and if that is ok the it cant be isnt. If your ever having a Christmas getogether please call me, not one to be missed. Westside ya dirty ricdiculing little bastard. Hey dont call me that nasty name. Patricia, Patricia? Fuckin hell.

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    Cool Patricia

    Hey west you can blame patricia for all that, she seems to be the only one who has a problem with the name calling ............. my problem is her butting in for no good reason apart from her own sense of moral ettiquette which has no place in business or on a public forum.
    And to my knowledge NOBODY actually complained to patricia including heather ........ she just decided to dive in head first without thinking!!!!

    Paws for thought

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