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    Hi, okay, i'm looking for an escort duo or two escorts who work in the same apartment to meet me and my friend. We basically want to both have sex in the same room with two different escorts. Now, I realise that this might sound a little odd but it is what we want. We are both decent fellas, and I realise that i'd say that even if I wasn't but I'm serious about it! I know that escorts would be concerned about meeting two men at once but it will be completely seperate apart from being in the same room.

    I would greatly appreciate it if any escorts could oblige and I look forward to hearing whether my idea will become reality or just stay fantasy.

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    AKA foursome ! It will be hard to find two girl to do this ...but couple of years ago I did it but sadly the girls are no longer working here no more ...

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    i would love to :P love ppl expessing what turns them on as we all diff things that really get us going , great to learn n experience everything!!!
    only prob is dont have another girl with me at the moment but when i do u guys would be more than welcome to call over ...
    keep in touch
    kisses ciara <3

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    hi Ciara - I can join you if you want... I'm also looking for another gil to share an apartment together so get back to me if interested...

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    Ciara if you and roxy get together make sure to give me a shout please!

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    we will do a foursome

    pm us on here for further details

    sexysue & aimee xx

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