Sweetie... First off as far as im concerned i dont think an escort should NOT show her / his (KEN??xxxx) face. Body yes ,face for their safety and privacy, no.

<What does it mean if an escort's photos are Verified?
If an escort's photos are classed as Verified it means we have information that leads us to believe that they are genuine recent photographs of the advertised escort. >

This is very interesting. If i send you a pic with payment with someone stating that they photgraphed me say sitting on a jax bowel, does this mean that you will take it that it is a geuine pic??? What would that info that you have be? I mean take my lover, if someone sends a pic of someone standing next to a fire engine, how the fuck can you verify it? Ask his boss? Call to the Fire Dept?? Doesnt make sense Sweetie. What does make sense is "oh thats ok, we have the money anyway, dont worry about it"

Also what is the point of allowing a non verified pic on the profiles? In case they are real pics? It doesnt make any sense Sweetie. Verified pics with the face darkened yep, non verified =no pic at all.

Here is a pic of Westside.


You can verify it by contacting Google.

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