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Thread: Galway Good & Bad !!

  1. Question Galway Good & Bad !!

    Hi Punters,

    Why can punters not review all escorts - I hve dealt with 2 escorts in Galway recently, 1 very good and the other very unprofessional.

    I think I should be able to post a review of them both for fellow punters.

    I do not want to do this until someone tells me if I can - there is no malice in this just the truth!!

    What do you think ?

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    Wink Alternative???

    I think if you meet a bad escort then you should post a review in the Warning Section of this forum and call it a ........... warning!!
    If you meet a good one then mention it in the General Chat section ........... thats what i do when an escort doesn't allow reviews.

    Paws for thought

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