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Thread: The Golden Era

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    Question The Golden Era

    Lets face it, as punters we have never had it so good. In Dublin City there are virtually hundreds of girls working every day, to cater for the horny punter.
    There are the escorts, of all varietys (indos, agencys touring and so on) and the several dozen chinese and east european massage girls (which go mostly unnoticed on this board, but are a alternative to the more costly escorts).
    And with mobile phones and computers locating suitable girls and getting in touch with them have never been easier.
    It really is a golden era, which most of us do not even relize, our fathers and grandfathers (at least the very few who used escorts- or whatever they were called in the past) would not have dreamed of the choices that we have today, girls from every corner of the globe, girls from every race on the planet- Asians, South Americans, Africans, all available at the easy call on a mobile phone.
    Its all there for us in the Ireland of today, and sometimes I wonder how long will it last ? 5 years ? 10 years ? Will our sons and grandsons have the choice that we have ? Maybe, then maybe not, who can say.
    Enjoy it while you can lads, most things come to an end at some stage, but for now this is the golden era for fans of our little hobby.
    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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    Are you for real or what...
    I hardly think when unemployment is at 22- 30% that theyll be thinking about getting an escort

    Our little country is going up shits creek right now
    I like to think there's a sexyfukka in all of us.

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