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    As an occasional punter for about 40 years (mainly in Britain - but around the world too), I wonder if all the younger lads out there realize how dramatically this business has improved over the years?

    Now, most punts are a pleasant experience (and often a great one!). Then, you were lucky if it was tolerable! (Ask for a BJ and you might well have got told off for being a pervert.) Now, you might soon be ready for a second round. Then, you might feel put off sex for a week! Now, most girls are lookers. Then - well lets just say it was as well you rarely saw them in a good light.

    Lots of things have helped. Changed attitudes to sex and to working girls are two. A more tolerant legal climate has been important. New technology has helped a lot - mobile phone, internet advertising and digital photography, for example. However, I feel sure that reviews must have played a major role. So keep up the good work, E-I! And thanks to those working girls who have toiled to raise standards - and a few other things too....

    Just two questions though:
    a) Why do you allow several advertisers to register under the same name. Confusion can arise - especially when an advertiser changes her photos - or her hair colour! It would be easly enough to require the second 'Carol', say, to register as 'Carol 2'.
    b) How does it happen that reviews often refer to the advertiser by another name? How does the punter know the same advertiser is being reviewed? It suggests that a service booked with 'X' was in fact provided by 'Y'. (Of course, an advertiser cannot be prevented from re-registering under another name - and there might be a number of good reasons for doing that. But are they allowed to link their new profile to their old review record? And, if not, how does it happen?)

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