Hey boys how's it going? Just wanted to ask you all something again. There's a vintage show on tomorrow (Sunday 25th July) ina place called Rathmooney in Lusk, or so the website says, but it gives fuck all information as to where the fuck the place is. I am not all the familar with Lusk/Rush area, passed through it once or twice on the number 33 Dublin city Bus when i went to Balbriggan a while back but that was it. I'll be going on the bus so can anyone tell me if that Number 33 bus to Skerries or Balbriggan (from the city) will take me to where the show is on? Someone said if i got Bus Eireann route 101 from Dublin to Drogheda, the one which goes through Balbriggan not the express bus, and get off somewhere along the stretch, although i can't remember where he said to get off, but that it was a good hell of a walk from where that bus stops. Any idea what is the best option please? Dublin Bus 33 or Bus Eireann 101 ? I can't get any info about it anywhere. Cheers!