I just wanted some “sure” fun for my birthday. So on ground I’m a single I rented Irina from www.gia.com.ua for two days (nearly 48 hours) since I landed with the plan. With Yulia (sick at that time) I found that she is one of the good girls at GIA. I chose GIA only for the girls, not the apartment or transport which I had already for work… just extended a little bit.
She is nice in bed in all positions, especially doggy and cow girl (as I said already in a past report). Of course she is now a pro, with SM dresses, nurse dress etc. Always ready to be fucked.
During the meeting with her I arranged a 12 hours with the new Zarina, doing also anal sex and lesbi. So I had a threesome for all the day!

Irina is a 5/6 in face and a 7/8 in body for my tastes, not so tall, soft body, big popka and really hard tits (she never wears bra). And she has a good (not exceptional) GFE. She is always ready for sex, whenever you want it, and after a long fucking she starts to get wet by her own.

Well spended money.

Unfortunately her English is very poor, but with my Russian and a dictionary we understand all.
I rented Zarina in conjunction with Irina, so do not make overnights! So from 10 am to 11 pm (!).
A day of fun.

She is far better than in pictures.

When she came I had already fucked Irina, so I went on directly with her. But before we had a lot of preliminary like joint sucking, licking kissing and more. Nice and quite tight, doing cow girl very well. While Irina was taking care of my balls(!).

Was time for a brunch. So we went down took it in a bar and back to the house.

Time for a lesbo show with the girls taking care of each clito! WOW! I just sat in an armchair and looked.
So it was time to take Zarina anally in missionary. Irina was handling over condoms and lube and the starting deep French kissing Zarina while I was taking her. Fucked her so for half an hour or so. Then at the time of cumming I decides for a due COF, so they stayed close on the bed and got their face cream.

Time for Jacuzzi. All three in Jacuzzi (for two). A lot of kissing, cuddling, joking etc. An the to bed for an alternate cow girl…

Time to dinner.

Went to the restaurant, some joking.

Then back again for a final fuck devoted to Zarina while Irina was liking me everywhere. I will never forget how I spent my b-day this year!