3 gentlemen on a plane

One french, one Italian and 1 Irish

After a few cocktails a conservation ensues

French man asks the italian man did he make love last night and how many times did he do so..

Italian man smuggly replies 'yes of course, did so 3 times and in the morning my wife made me a delicious breakfast with delicious espresso and told me i was the best lover in the world'. He then reciprocated the question to the french gentleman whilst the Irish man sat quietly, listening to the them

French man replied 'i made love to my wife 4 times and in the morning she made me delicious crepps and told me she would never ever leave me for another man'

After a brief pause, the 2 men then turned to the irish man and asked him the same question, 'how many times did you make love to your wife last night'?

'Once replied the Irish man'

The french man and the Italian man sniggered and laughed intensively to each other. the Italian man then asked whilst chuckling away 'And what did she say to you in the morning?'

She said 'DONT STOP, DONT STOP, DONT STOP' replied the Irish man!