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    Of all the times I have ever ejectulated with escorts, there is one occasion which I fondly recall was, I believe, the biggest wad of spunk that ever exploded from my cock.
    The lucky recipient of the large wad of baby batter was, a Chinese escort !
    She was based in Rathmines,and was a student looking type (aged about 21, usual black hair, slim). It was my second, and last time to visit her.
    Now Asian girls are the smoothest girls you can get, extremely little body hair, just ideal for rubbing erect cocks on!
    With my girl I recall I had been away for 2 weeks (no sex of any type) and I had a sperm tank bursting with juice.
    She looked so sexually exciting to me that I could feel my balls aching to be banged into her. I didnt want to use a condom, so penetration sex was out, but I was fixated by her small boobs in her super smooth chest, and I asked her could I shoot my stuff on her chest.
    I had earlier massaged baby oil into her chest (great feeling!), and got into position to rub by cock into her. It was a slow deliberate repetitive action, up down up down up down, she thought it was all a funny thing- my penis on her little tits ! after about 10 minutes I could hold no longer, and my cock virtually exploded a huge wad of hot sticky sperm onto her chest,I actually recall looking at the wad and thinking- "WOW1, THATS FUCKING BIG!".
    The wad was starting to run slowly all over her chest, she was giggling to me, and I took both my hands and ever so slowly massaged my sperm into her chest, tickling her in the process.
    Later she allowed me to wash it off her in the shower. I think the 2 weeks away (without sex) just had me in ideal condition for a extra large wad that day, but it always stayed in my mind- the biggest wad !
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