Hiya all,
There seems to be alot of confusion about myself firstly may I say I am not a timewaster however i am safty aware and also only meet a certain number of appointments per day as I would like us all to have a goodtime therefore I do ask security questions and I may or may not accept the appointment...I would prefer for everyone to feel comfortable with each other there is no reason to meet someone that I already feel uncomfortable with on the phone...I tend to work by an advance appointment system however I its not essential..I just thought that I would give you all some information partaining to myself for future when I vist ireland...For those gents that I have so far met from escort ireland I would like to thank you and say that I have had nothing but an amazing time...Im terribly sorry if its an inconvinience to anyone that I am taking security measures but by reading this you are aware of this fact and if you find questions to intruesive you are more then welcome to meet another lady....I enjoy having fun in safe relaxed atmosphere and I am presuming you gents would like the same...I look forward to getting to know you all on the board and please if you are a member it would be a plus when you called to arrange an appointment to mention this...I look forward to fun in ireland kisses hugs and cuddles alyssaxxxx P.S. If you require any further information about myself please visit my website www.blonde-illusion.com or do a google search for alyssa jenkins re movies avalible or reviews on other sites around the globe thanks so much xxxxx