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    They are not genuine photos on her ad and she is a huge waste of time. I paid 200 for an hour plus 50 for extras and she kicked me out after 20 minutes. I asked for the rest of the time I'd paid for and was told that I wasn't getting an hour I was getting one go round.

    The photos are not of her. I do not know where they are from but she is not that lady. She has also not been 40 for some time.

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    why not do a protest lads stand outside their apartments and honk and shout and scream at any punter going near the place... that should do the job
    I like to think there's a sexyfukka in all of us.

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    Default fake pics

    i see queeny and evita are using the same genuine pictures how can both be genuine

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    Same girl, same genuine pics, Probably using a DIFFERENT NAME and paying for multiple listings here

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    Under no circumstances go near her.
    GFE? You must be joking.
    Discerning Gent? You must be even more joking...

    An absolute waste of time and money. I'd rather stand naked in O'Connell Street and burn 150 rather than give this oul yoke my money again. She was 40 about 15 years ago.

    DO NOT GO NEAR HER - you have been warned

  6. Question which one

    Now I am confused, which one of the three ladies mentioned above are you referring to?

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    All 3 of them. As far as I can make out they are the same person

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    Sorry - didn't read previous thread.

    I am referring to Alisha

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    That Alicia is a dirty dog I am surprised she is still allowed to advertise on EI She is well past 40 fat ugly and a has real attitude She has been changing her name and address for years now If you contact any of the mature escorts in the dublin section check to make sure its not her She has been using the name carla and I am sure Yvonne and Orla are her also She also she advetises she does anal as orla I bet onece youve paid you wont be giving it to her Please everybody who has had the misfortune of being with this dog mail Patricia and have thrown out

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    Had noticed that about queeny and the other "lady" mentioned aswell. What purpose does that serve being listed under different names?

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