Do you remember the time ? Free Gaff with the girl of your dreams,your college sweetheart..this was it ..weeks on 2nd base .but today oh my God today you might drop the hand ,but yes it can be possible YOU MIGHT GET A HOME RUNNNNN.You idiot,you feckin idiot didnt buy a you frot. frot?? Today I learnt two new words ,a child learns an average of 50 new words a year,today I learnt 2 ..numpty ..meaning fool twit.The second word was Frot .to frot is to rub Frottage in general is a unisex, or even female-oriented, sexual act. As described by one writer, frottage is "something that can be enjoyed with anyone. The same goes for transsexuals of any stripe. Frottage is the ultimate equal opportunity conjoiner...Lesbians are the unsung heroes of rubbing.So in laymans term frottering is to rub ,grind against a partner and ultimately orgasam.This is a fancy name for a dry ride, my God it was great to be so innocent cycling home with a smile on your face after getting to,at last drop the hand and she made you cum,wow bliss your so happy ,too happy to feel the chaffing of your pasty jeans