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Thread: Stefani (of Wexford as of last week)

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    Default Stefani (of Wexford as of last week)

    I screwed up and missed my appointment with Stefani last week in Wexford - got delayed and was too late when I arrived to be accommodated. Fair enough. But when I called the next day and following day or two her phone went direct to "this number not know" scenario, and now I see her profile has been suspended (

    What's the story I wonder? I am still kicking myself that I didn't get it together to meet her cos she was awesome from the pics etc. If a little cold on the phone....

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    Ah, the link I posted was for a Stefani and the board has automatically linked it to that Laluna issue. Fair enough, I see what's afoot.

    Glad I got delayed last week in that case, suspecting what I suspect now I have no doubt I would have been disappointed!

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