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    HI Guys,
    I would like to post reviews of Sonya and of Veny, both excellent.

    BUT>>> the option is not there for either girl, Is this an oversight or am I missing sonmething?

    Veny is without doubt the Best Escort I have ever visited, and that is from hundreds.

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    Hi phunbill,

    It is because both these ladies have asked not to have reviews for privacy reasons. We never allow escorts to pick and choose which revews they will accept and which they won't, but we do allow the ladies to refuse all reviews if it is their wish. The only way you can review these ladies is if they tell us to opt them back into reviews.

    Pat x

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    OK, Thanks Patricia,
    I did not know that. new to posting.
    I Cant imagine either of these girls getting bad reviews.

    On an earlier post I mentioned that if the visiting escort is in a hotel it would be helpful to know. Thinking about this later, it would actually help me decide to visit that girl because you would have a reasonable idea what the standard of the venue would be like in advance.
    If it was possible, Great.

    Love the Site, keep up the good work.

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