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Thread: List Mature escorts by age

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    Default List Mature escorts by age

    Would it be possible to list mature escorts according to their ages?. For example 30's 40's 50's?
    There seems to be so many young women coming under mature these days.
    I would be interested to know if this could be done without to much extra work for the site. Also if clients would find it easier. The reason I ask is so many clients have told me they are looking for mature escorts in 40's or 50's and older.
    Be interested in your views.

    Samantha x

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    Red face list mature escorts by age

    I think myself that the term mature is not applied correctly in terms of age profile. 35 to my way of thinking is to young to be called mature whereas 4O plus is more like it. This is a personal view point.

    I like my escorts to be "mature" such as the lady who started this thread who to my way of thinking fits the bill perfectly.

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    Default Thank you darling

    Thank you darling for those kind remarks.
    I agree with you Darco, I feel mature should start from 40yrs upwards.

    Samantha x

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