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    Theres a guy I know who suffers from acute stress, its from a combination of long tedious working hours, bad diet and a selfish loud mouth bitch of a wife who treats him like a meal ticket and floor mat combined.
    In fact I think she is the main reason why he will probably have a heart attack, sooner rather than later.
    The guy- lets call him Mr F, needs to change his entire life, or it will end in a sudden early grave, while his lazy, over opinionated wife lives it up on her daily diet of cigerettes and chicken currys.
    However help is at hand, not just to Mr F, but to any other guys out there who are living tense frustating limited lives, it will cost you on average 150e for a half hour of "therapy", but, by fuck you will leave it a different tense free man! I have done it myself once or twice in the past when life was ganging up on me, and it works each time.

    This is what you do. Select a nice escort (I recommend somebody aged early 20s or there abouts, slim, nice curvy arse, perfumed skin (look at the picture below- thats what I would chose).
    Some of the Spanish or Brazilian Girls fit this, and dont mind you talking dirty- which is another requirement for the "therapy".
    Once you have contacted the escort, tell her what you want, which is- a doggie style sex session, with LOTS of dirty talk from yourself! Once she knows your requirements, she wont be surprised by your actions.
    When all is in place, you are in her apartment, prehaps put some loud music on- to blank out your (and hers) squeels of passion.
    Have your escort, on a bed, naked, her arse presented to you, in all its kinky glory, smear both your cock, and her arsecrack, with plenty of lubricant, then get to work-
    Hold her firmly by her waist, and repeataly bang your Bollox into her arsecrack as you shout - "BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH ! ! ! "
    Stop if you feel an premature urge to spunk your stuff, relax a minute or 2, and continue "BITCK BITCH BITCH BITCH !!!!"
    Believe me, after 30 minutes of this you will leave a different man, relaxed, content, and Destressed !

    Now someday soon, if Mr F has not killed himself with his over stressed life, I will explain this to him.
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    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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    Default Another classic

    hows the guy going?

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    Now thats what i call entertaining . Where is Dick Spunk these days ?
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