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Thread: Escorts 14452 Albertina and 14454 Aliah

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    Default Escorts 14452 Albertina and 14454 Aliah

    Escort Albertina was Italian a week or so ago and is now Romanian. She also has an ID number 2 digits away from another escort and also has a mobile number in sequential order from that same escort. Also were in Dublin 4 at same time.

    Escort Albertina ID number - 14452
    Escort Aliah ID number - 14454

    Escort Albertina mobile number - 087 1517763
    Escort Aliah mobile number - 087 1517762

    Albertina as Italian...

    Albertina as Romanian...

    Aliah's ad profile...
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    Default Looks like she is shy about being Romanian

    Looking at the tour dates on your images and the date of celticlad's review it appears that she changed her profile when he was unhappy to discover that she was not from Italy.

    At least she is now being honest and the other reviews indicate that she is the lady in the photos and that she does a decent enough job. Does the link with Aliah suggest anything other than that they know each other and came here together the first time? In which case it is likely that they are both Romanian.

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    Having close numbers points to them knowing each other when you couple mobiles being so close along with ID numbers, what are the odds of two people who have nothing to do with each other or connected in any way ending up with those two sets of close numbers. It does not mean anything wrong, they could just have came here together of own free will and bought sim cards together and went about getting ad profiles here at same time but it could also mean its an agency that organised all this, I have no way to know one way or the other but these similar numbers need mentioning for consideration and its up to the individual to decide what these facts may point to and if a factor in deciding to book if they are concerned to only try and see true independents which is what my threads like this is geared towards providing. I am making no accusations but just stating facts as they exist on any profiles.
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